How to Install UVC (Ultraviolet C) Disinfecting Light

Step 1:

Locate the Power Interface at both ends of the Bracket. Use the section to plug in the power cord. Do not connect two ends to the power at the same time.


Step 2:  

Pull out the Glue Head with short thread head. Connect to the household wire. No need to separate the zero wire and the hot wire. 

Step 3:

Support both ends of the interface. If there is no use of the case, please use the lid to cover to avoid accidental contact. 

Step 4:

Pole Pins at both ends of the tube are inserted vertically along the holder slot.

Step 5:

After the lamp tube is inserted into the bracket, it must be rotated 90 degrees.

Step 6:

The bracket is installed and fixed. Each bracket takes two fasteners. After selecting the place to be installed, screw the fastener and the lamp tube. Bracket can be stuck on the fastener.